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1964 Fender Jaguar

Serial # L41025, pots dated mid 1964, neck dated Sept 1, 1964. A completely original and unaltered Jaguar, complete with bridge cover, mute, original case, and coil patch cord!

Introduced in 1962, the Jaguar found favor in the young surf music scene, and never looked back. The model shares certain similarities with the Jazzmaster, but has a more sophisticated wiring set up and shorter 24" scale.

We check and date every component of any electric guitar we're offering for sale, but it's always pretty special to be the person who unscrews a Fender's neck or control plate for the first time in nearly fifty years. This is a well cared for, gently used, one owner guitar. It's only flaw is a slight scar left by a vinyl strap on the back of the guitar's body, and the faint steel-wool scratches left by the fellow who tried to make it look a bit better. Finish is original and gorgeous, and every part of the guitar is factory original and unmodified. The original frets are somewhat worn, but the instrument is nicely set up and plays well.

With original export hardshell case

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