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Ry Cooder’s influence on the guitar world cannot be overstated. His tone and phrasing have inspired countless players over the last 40 or so years, and his interest in non-mainstream gear has inspired many to hunt out or build guitars and amplifiers that might otherwise have gone forever unnoticed.

Ry’s original Coodercaster is a Fender Stratocaster fitted with a Valco lap steel pickup at the bridge and a Japanese Teisco pickup in the neck. It has been Cooder’s main slide and blues guitar for years and is the inspiration for every Coodercaster that’s come since.

This example was assembled here at Folkway a couple of years back. It features a Fender USA alder body that’s been routed to accommodate a Mojo Pickups UK Lap Steel pickup, similar to a 50’s Valco unit, and has a Curtis Novak Guyatone humbucking pickup in the neck with 4 lead wiring. The neck is by Warmoth. It’s an Eric Clapton profile strat neck made of torrefied maple, and has a straight 10” radius, 6105 frets, lacquer finish, and a bone nut with a width of 1-11/16”.

The guitar has an utterly unique tone, particularly in the bridge position. It’s incredibly dynamic, and has a blooming and lush sustain that’s full or overtones and interesting harmonics. It has jangle and brightness but isn’t shrill or piercing, and has lots of low end power and presence to compliment its treble response. Amazing range across the frequency spectrum, and lots of output to help push the font end of an amp. Bright, fat, and full of harmonics. Makes for some real sweet playing.

In excellent condition, perfectly setup, and without any playwear. There’s a sticker on the back-side of the guitar which we’d be happy to remove at the buyer’s request.

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