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c.1979 Fender Telecaster Custom

Serial # S817143. A must-have for any Keith Richards fan, this late 1970's Tele Custom is pretty much identical to the version Keith has used since the mid 1970's. We'll admit to having played more than a few Stones riffs on this guitar plugged into the Fender Custom Shop Tweed Twin that we also currently have for sale. The guitar sounds just right, and is a blast to play.

Pots dated early 1979, no legible neck date, neck pickup date is fairly illegible, but might be '81. The serial number sticker in the neck pickup body cavity might suggest a manufacturing date of '81 as well, so the jury is out on whether the guitar is a '79 or and '81. Ultimately, it's of little consequence.

Original throughout, but with possibly a few touched-up solder joints. Body finish shows some vinyl damage but is original, neck finish is in good shape. Set up in our shop, the guitar plays very well.

With recent Fender Deluxe Vintage hardshell case.

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