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1962 Fender Precision Bass

Neck dated August 5th 1962, pots dated 31st week of 1962. Non-original F-neck plate with # 137679 (dates 1966). With its refinished body, extra routing under the pickguard, replacement pickguard, and modified headstock logo, this early 1960's P-bass would fall under the collector-speak category of "Player's Bass". And that's exactly what it does well. The neck has a heavenly feel, pickup sounds just right, and the bass looks really good.

Curved rosewood fingerboard with clay dots, old refret and renut, original tuners, string tree and strap-button. Original bridge and pickup covers, and finger-rest. Although the body has been refinished, the original nail-holes remain visible; indicating that the body hasn't been swapped out as the F-plate serial number would suggest. It's a shame to have lost the '62 serial number plate, but at least the rest of the guitar is correct.

The instrument plays fairly well, although the fretwork isn't terribly good. The neck feel and tone make up for any shortcomings this bass has!

With well-worn non-original hard case

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