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2007 Gretsch 6118T-LTV Double Anniversary

Serial # JT07030115. First released in 1958, the Anniversary and Double Anniversary models were named in commemoration of Gretsch's 75th year. The modern take on the 6118 is a heck of a lot like the originals, but oh-so-much-better. We all love Gretsch guitars, but we don't all love the quirks that can come with their vintage models. The modern 6118 does what a Gretsch should do -- but it stays in tune, plays in tune, doesn't buzz-out up the neck, and works exactly the right way all the time!

The 6118T-LTV was a limited production run of the Double Anniversary model that featured a Nitrocellulose lacquer finish and TV Jones Filter'Tron pickups. The standard 6118 is finished in urethane and is fitted with house-brand pickups, by contrast. There aren't too many of the LTV versions out there.

This example is in perfect condition and has seen very little playtime. Its frets are unworn, and its Smoke Green two-tone finish is perfect. Set-up in shop, the guitar is a dream to play. Its Bigsby is supple and expressive, neck feels fabulous, and pickups sound, well, Gretchy.

1-11/16" nut, 24.6" scale. Chrome hardware, open-geared vintage style tuners.

With original hardshell case and all case documents.

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