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1983 Fender Standard Stratocaster

A time-capsule Fender Stratocaster built in 1983. This one is in seriously clean mint condition and is 100% factory original. We’ve never seen a cleaner 35 year old guitar. It’s unused and without any wear to its frets or finish.

A product of the Dan Smith era at Fender, the two-knob strat featured global volume/tone controls, a pickguard-mounted jack and top-loading blade-style tremolo bridge. The small headstock, 4 bolt neck and modern tuners appeared in 1981 and were welcomed improvements over the 1970’s designs. The Standard Stratocaster (as this model was then known) was the highest quality Stratocaster fender had made in over a decade.

This guitar features a sunburst finished alder body, maple neck with slab rosewood fingerboard, single ply white pickguard and 5 way switching. It weighs in at 7.94 lbs, exactly.

With original hardshell case.

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