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1983 Fender Squier JV Stratocaster

Fender’s best guitars in the early 1980’s were those built in Japan. Inspired by that country’s yen for more vintage-inspired instruments, the first Squire-branded Fenders rolled off the line in late 1982. These first Squier Fenders were given Serial numbers that started with JV, and have become known and JV Fenders today.

This Olympic White JV Strat is a lightweight maple-necked guitar with some great sounding cloth-wire pickups and a really classic feel. Likely the best strat tone you’ll find at this kind of price, the guitar is everything most vintage strat players are after.

The guitar’s body has been routed for Humbuckers in its past, but the original staggered pole cloth wire pickups have been reinstalled and wired to offer tone control to the bridge pickup.

C shaped maple neck, vintage appointments, pre-CBS headstock. Original frets, fresh set-up.

With original hardshell case

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