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1975 Fender Precision Bass

A lightweight mid 1970’s walnut finished P-bass in very fine condition. This one scores high marks here thanks to its great sounding pickup, surprisingly light weight of just 8.7lbs, excellent original frets, and a careful in-shop set-up. 1970’s Fenders are admittedly hit and miss, but we’ve noticed that the P-bass pickups from ’73 to ’75 are consistently great sounding, and when coupled with a lightweight bass like this one the tone is all there and more.

The bass is completely original but for repaired solderjoints. The pickguard was drilled for a mini toggle switch that has since been removed, but the little 3/16” hole remains. Pots, capacitor, pickups and wire are all original. Playability is excellent, and there’s plenty of vibe and classic P-bass tone to be had.

Alder body with walnut finish. Black pickguard, maple neck, original tuners, nut, frets, and hardware.

With original hardshell case.

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