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c.1973 Hagstrom Viking

The Hagstrom Vikings are some of the best sounding off-brand vintage guitars on the scene; and 5 minutes with this guitar would make most anyone agree. The guitar’s big and detailed sounding humbuckers are heaven for single-coil players looking for a fatter, thicker, and creamier tone without going deep into the dark side of Gibson-style ‘buckers. They’re much bolder than Filter’trons too, and offer something unique in the world of humbucker tone.

This guitar is in excellent condition, and is set-up to play beautifully. The nut measures a bit fatter than 1-5/8” and the scale is 24-5/8”. Low oval carve with fast feel, rosewood fingerboard with vintage/acoustic sized wire, chrome hardware. Full hollowbody construction with bridge block to control feedback, 16” wide double-cut body.

Great looking red finish, white bindings throughout, cool looking headstock with faux imperial buttons.

With hardshell case

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