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1973 Fender Telecaster

Serial # 551357, pots dated 49th week of 1973, neck code 1303 4013. A thoroughly attractive 40 year old Tele with layers of stories glazed into its smoked-over finish. A guitar we didn't even think of cleaning the years off of, this Tele should seriously appeal to most anyone who digs the look of a well played, well travelled Fender.

Blond finished ash body, three-ply white pickguard, and one-piece maple neck. Poly finished body and neck, lacquered headstock face. The guitar is nearly all original, but has a replaced output jack, switch tip, low E string ferrule, and a professionally rewound neck pickup. Original tuners, string trees, nut, frets, bridge, pickups, electronics, control knobs, and pickguard.

Set-up by us, the guitar plays well and quickly. Excellent twang, lots of acoustic resonance when unplugged. Nice and light at 7.5 lbs.

With original hardshell case

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