Museum: Electric Guitars

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1972 Fender Telecaster

A great looking black and maple Telecaster that’s pretty much a vintage parts-caster. Neck is dated 1972, pots are from 1965, serial number is 1976. Tuners are recent vintage-style Klusons, the frets are jumbo, and the body is refinished nicely in black. There’s a humbucker rout under the pickguard, and the pickups aren’t original to the guitar; but the bridge is an original Joe Barden Tele pickup a-la Danny Gatton, and sounds pretty fabulous. We’ve got this one up and running beautifully and it’s a real fun guitar to play. Beyond that, it looks great, and beyond THAT, it has a real beefy round feel to the neck which everyone here loves.

A vintage Telecaster, player-priced and ready to roll.

With 70’s Fender HSC

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