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1967 Fender Telecaster

Serial # 206467, Pots dated 31st week of 66 , Neck date 3-Sept-67. 7lbs, 3oz. A feathery light transition-era Tele with an awesome twang, just killer looks, an incredible neck feel, and 100% perfect playability thanks to a fresh refret and careful set-up by us. The guitar is completely original but for the new frets; and is otherwise unmodified. The end of 1967 marked the real end of the pre-CBS era at Fender, and this guitar is thankfully built with most of the features associated with the pre-CBS Teles.

Lightweight ash body with nitro lacquer finish, flush-fit string ferrules, old-style wiring with cloth-covered wire and pickup leads. Lacquer-finished neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard, black headstock logo over finish, F tuners, and bone nut. The guitar is well used, and the finish has plenty of edge-dings and dents to prove its age. There are sticker shadows along the top's bass edge, but no modifications or touch-ups to the finish. Original pickups and solder-joints, original bridge and saddles, original pickguard, control plate and controls.

The guitar has the right vibe and plays beautifully. We're fans of this one…

With original hard shell case.

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