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1966 Fender Tele CAR

Fender Custom Color Teles aren’t terribly common in these parts, so you can imagine our surprise when this local original-owner 1966 Candy Apple Red Telecaster showed up here at the store. Let’s just say it was a fun afternoon.

The guitar is in excellent shape and plays beautifully. The neck feel is heavenly, and the original frets are in remarkably good condition and light on playwear. Rosewood fingerboard, original nut, original Kluson tuners, and early F-plate serial number. Grey-bottom pickups with original Tele wiring; the bridge pickup dates late 1966 and has been rewound by Peter Leonard (aka Pickup Wizard). Neck pickup and associated solder are factory original as are all the other components of the wiring. The dark circuit position on the switch is currently non functional and we’ve opted to leave it as such in the name of originality, and because no one that we know actually uses or wants the dark circuit. We will modernize or repair the dark circuit upon the buyer’s request at no charge.

Neck dated April 1966, pots dated 17th week of ’66. Apart from the guitar’s rewound bridge pickup, it is completely original and in excellent condition. The original Candy Apple Red finish shows some wear on the body edges but is largely intact and quite clean. Gold foil headstock logo is also largely intact, and the neck finish shows wear along its sides. The guitar weighs in at 7.6 lbs.

With original ‘Export’ case.

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