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1966 Fender Telecaster

Serial # 166144, neck dated 3-October-66, pots dated 11th week of 1966.

Here's a spectacularly cool looking refinished '66 Telecaster, complete with 60's Fender-branded Bigsby. This guitar was brought to us by its long-time owner, who originally purchased it prior to the refinish. We've been told that the Bigsby is original to the guitar, and that the flush-sanded ferrules on the body's back showed themselves once the finish was removed. Upon discovering the ferrules he installed a standard Tele bridge, but has since reinstalled the Bigsby.

The guitar's pickups, controls, pickguard, bridge, and control plate are original issue; as are five of the 6 tuning machines, the serial number plate, strap buttons, jack cup, and nut. We've rewired the guitar using the original components but for a new jack (original provided), and the set-up was done here as well. Frets are replaced and show no wear. The guitar's headstock face and neck have their original finish, however the back of the headstock has had new finish brushed on. Maple-cap neck, original fingerboard finish. The body is finished with a brushed-on oil-based varnish.

The guitar weighs in at 7lbs, 4oz and is a great playing / sounding 60's telecaster. The Bigsby feel is just right, and the arm's position over the guitar is excellent.

With 1970's hardshell case

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