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1965 Vox Phantom VI

The Vox Phantom VI is thought of as one of the more iconic guitar models of the 1960’s ‘British Invasion’, even if it didn’t actually get used by too many of the notable players of that era. It’s reminiscent of the psychedelic 60’s, maybe more for its crazy pentagonal shape and unique look than for any musical reason, but we still love it.

Three single-coil pickups, bigsby-style tremolo tailpiece, bridge-mounted mute, and three-way switching. Bound ebony fingerboard on a maple neck, Kluson-esque tuners, and zero-fret.

The pickguard has shrunk a fair bit, has various cracks at the screw-holes, and has become very tight around the pickups, which makes them essentially non-adjustable. The guitar is otherwise in excellent condition. Frets show little wear, and the guitar is set-up nicely.

With original/period hardshell case

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