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1962 Kay K1982 Style Leader

Here’s a really attractive and budget-chic vintage Kay Value leader in natural finish. The guitar is completely original and in excellent working order, with level frets, a great set-up and electronics that function perfectly.

The early 1960’s Kay Value Leaders were built with fully hollow bodies that had support blocks under the bridge for feedback suppression. The electronics were mounted on solid copper sheeting that was screwed into the top, and the floating bridge overlapped the copper. Shaped like a Harmony Stratotone (and quite similar to a Les Paul) and featuring a short 24-3/4” scale, the guitar is light in weight and really easy to play.

Two singlecoil pickups, bound rosewood fingerboard, copper hardware. Original tuners, nut, frets, and everything else. It’s a great looking natural finish guitar with just the right kind of wear and patina, and it has a very cool music school decal on the headstock from Sherbrooke, Quebec, a town about an hour’s drive east of Montreal. The original case has the same decal on its side.

Although the guitar has both neck and bridge pickups, the neck is what really matters on these Value Leaders. That’s where the tone is, and if you’re a fan of Lonnie Johnson you know what these guitars are all about.

With its great vibe and character and clean and round bluesy tone this Value Leader adds something cool and not too pricy to the tone options of anyone’s collection.

With original chipboard case

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