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1961 Silvertone Jupiter

The sparkle-black Harmony-built Silvertone Jupiter is one of the two signature guitar models of Canada’s Afie Jurvanen, AKA Bahamas, so what could be better than playing his tune ‘Lost in the Light’ on a Silvertone Jupiter that was his personal guitar? Bahamas fans, here’s the guitar for you... complete with Afie’s strings and backwards switch knob. And we’ll include a letter of authenticity with the guitar.

The Silvertone Jupiter has played a key role in Afie’s sound since Bahamas’ broke on to the scene with ‘Pink Strat’ in 2009. It’s been his main stage guitar for years, and the DeArmond Silverfoil pickups’ clean and powerful tone is unmistakably Bahamas.

This particular guitar has been the artist’s back-up Jupiter for some time. It’s set-up just like his main guitar with 12-52 strings and a wound G, and has had its tuners replaced with Gotoh vintage-style open-back machines that work much better than the originals. There’s a repaired side-crack by the output jack and the bridge-top has been replaced, but it’s otherwise stock. Frets and neck are excellent, too.

With original chipboard case.

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