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1960 Fender Stratocaster

Serial # 54361, neck dated 10-60 pots dated mid 1960. Bought in 1966 by the husband of its current owner, this 1960 Stratocaster has been loved and well cared for throughout the last nearly half century. The guitar was black back in '66 when it was bought at a store not too far from Folkway, but we've concluded that it was refinished very well way back before 1966. It's a beautiful instrument, nearly completely original and in excellent shape, and the black finish would be very easy to mistake as original Fender issue.

Largely unworn original frets, original nut, 5 of 6 original Kluson tuners (the high E is a double-line), original string-tree, original logo, original neck finish; slab Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, clay dots. Neck plate has been engraved with the name of the guitar's long-time owner, original neck screws.

Original plastic (pickguard, back-plate, pickup covers, knobs, switch tip). Original pickups (unmodified), pots, capacitor, and jack. The switch is a 5-way, but the original is in the case pocket; some changed solder joints. Original bridge, springs, trem-block, all screws, saddles. Original strap buttons, jack-cup, trem-claw, and trem-arm (bent).

Original ash body, un-modified contours, very old and attractive black lacquer finish. The nail-holes were lacquered over, and the inside of the tremolo cavity shows paintstick outlines that are not typical of Fender factory work. There is left-over pink paint visible on the trem claw, trem claw screws, and inside the trem cavity. Strap-button hole on the treble horn.

The guitar plays beautifully, and sounds simply heavenly. Amazingly attractive, excellent neck feel, 7 lbs, 12 oz.

The guitar comes with a photocopy of its 1966 bill of sale, and a copy of a photo of it and its owner taken in the late 1960's.

With recent hardshell case

Interested in this guitar but live outside of Canada? CITES documentation is simple for us to acquire, and the guitar can legally ship anywhere in the world.

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