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1959 Gretsch 6120

Serial # 33036. There's no disputing that 1959 was a benchmark year for all things electric guitar. Gibson, Fender and Gretsch were all at the top of their games, and the guitars built that year are generally among the most sought after electrics ever produced.

The 1959 Gretsch 6120 certainly falls into that category. It's not the first year the model was produced, but 1959 was the first full year that Gretsch used their new Patent Applied For Filter'Tron hum-cancelling pickups, and this 6120 sounds pretty much to-die-for as a result.

It's a beautiful guitar, and in very fine condition. Completely original and unaltered but for a replacement pickguard, this is a vintage Gretsch with very few excuses.

Maple laminate body, very mild figure on the back, with original finish throughout. Well played, but well loved, the guitar's neck finish shows fairly extensive wear, but the instrument's body finish isn't scoured by belt rash or careless handling. Original frets are dressed fairly low, and the fingerboard is evenly worn right up the neck. This guitar belonged to a real player.

Excellent neck angle, lots of bridge adjustment height to work with, currently set up with slinky action. Original tuners work well, original nut hasn't been out, original solder joints throughout. The Bigsby feels spectacular, too.

With original hardshell case

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