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1958 Fender Stratocaster

Serial # 30176, neck dated 10/58. A player-priced 50's Stratocaster. With it's comfortable original maple neck, and original black bottom staggered pole pickups the guitar feels and sounds great. It's easy to understand why Stratocasters from this era have become some of the most sought after guitars on the market today.

Weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. it's fairly light and quite resonant, and would be a welcome addition to any player's arsenal. The fingerboard is well worn, the neck has been refretted, and the nut slot has been routed for an oversized bone nut. The original bridge's screw holes have been filled and a new bridge installed about 1/32" further back. The refinished body was routed under the pickguard, and Daphne Blue finish can be seen in the body cavities, although we can't be certain that that was the guitar's original colour. Despite the refinish, the body's contours are still in good shape and look as they should. Original pickups are fitted with newer covers and have been wired with new leads; and although the copper wrap wire looks original, we can't say for sure that they have not been rewound. Pickup DC resistances measure 5.8k (neck) 5.7k (middle) and 5.8k (bridge).

Original tuners, neck plate, string tree, neck finish, decals, body, pickups and jack cup. Replacement pickguard, pots, 5-way switch, jack, capacitors, plastic parts, bridge, strap buttons and screws.

With 80's fender hardshell case.

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