Museum: Electric Guitars

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1956 Fender Tremolux

Introduced in 1955, the 5E9 Tremolux was Fender’s first amplifier offered with a built-in effect. With about 15 watts of power, a single 15” speaker, and its lush bias-modulation tremolo, the Tremolux quickly found many fans. By today’s standards it’s widely considered to be one of Fender’s finest tweed-era models. This example sounds incredible, with a tremolo that is worthy of its reputation, plenty of volume, and with breakup that sets in right where you’d want it to.

The amp has been thoroughly serviced and features a new Celestion G12 Alnico Blue speaker. The tweed covering and grill cloth have been redone as well.

It’s an incredible sounding narrow panel tweed Fender, and ready for its next gig.

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