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2013 Collings D1A VN Varnish

A very gently used Collings D1A VN with varnish finish. Varnish is the single-most costly option available on a new Collings (next to certain rosewoods, if available), and for a good reason. Varnish is much more flexible than Collings’ standard lacquer finish and allows more string energy to end up as warmth and body in the guitar’s tone. The differences are significant, and worth the cash outlay to our ears. Varnish finish doesn’t look as glass-perfect as Collings lacquer and has a darker amber hue; it’s a little bit softer as well, and harder to touch-up seamlessly. This particular guitar is very close to perfect in the condition department, so all that doesn’t much matter at this point.

Based on a standard model D1, this guitar features an Adirondack red spruce top and Vintage-Now neck and bridge. The pin spacing is 2-5/16 and the nut measures 1-3/4”. The neck is carved with a slightly fatter feel than a standard Collings neck but has the same fingerboard taper. It’s a large feel, but not huge, and will appeal to folks who enjoy the generally larger necks found on guitars from the 1930’s.

This example is in excellent condition and has been set-up here at Folkway. It’s a wonderful sounding guitar with all the volume and power a Collings D1A is famous for, but with a little bit more warmth and darkness through the midrange, and a more open bass-end.

With hardshell case

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