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2009 Linda Manzer Extreme Wedge

Linda Manzer developed her Wedge design nearly 30 years ago while building the now-famous Pikasso guitar for Pat Metheny. It has since become a trademark design element of hers, and does really make for a much more comfortable playing experience.

The Parlor Extreme Wedge offered here is a one of a kind creation, built of old growth figured Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce. The small instrument has a body width of 14-3/4" and a wedge taper from 2-1/4" on the treble to 3-1/2" on the bass of the lower bout. Venetian cut-away, pearl and wood rosette, and ebony bindings. 25.6" scale ebony fingerboard, 43mm wide nut, round neck carve. Gotoh 510 tuners, Fishman pickup.

The guitar offers a surprising volume and warmth considering its diminutive size. It is responsive, open, and warm, and a particularly enjoyable instrument to play. The neck and body are incredibly comfortable to hold, adding to the playing experience. It's a finely crafted Manzer, showing the best this legendary builder has to offer.

With custom Calton hardshell case

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