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2012 Cervantes Crossover I

Cervantes is a builder of fine classical guitars based in Southern California. Alejandro Cervantes has been both playing and working on guitars since the age of 10, and his experience as a student and player of the instrument has lent itself well to his abilities as a builder.

In an effort to create a nylon stringed instrument that would appeal to the steel string player, the Crossover series features a radiussed fingerboard, narrow nut width, a truss rod in the neck, and a Venetian cutaway. Attractive Indian rosewood back and sides make this guitar stand out from the start, and a powerfully focused sound with lingering overtones complete the picture. Jazz and Bossa Nova players will especially like what this instrument can do. Although used, this model's immaculate condition is testament to a previous owner who took fastidious care of the instrument.

Lattice-braced cedar top, back and sidesare Indian rosewood with an interior Cyprus lamination, ebony fingerboard, truss rod, lacquer finish, 48mm bone nut and 650mm scale.

The guitar is in perfect condition but for a string-dent just behind the bridge. Set-up here at Folkway. The tone is incredibly loud, focused, and clear. Unlike most hybrid classicals, this guitar sounds spectacular.

With hardshell case

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