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1981 Sergei de Jonge Classical

A fairly early Sergei de Jonge concert classical, this guitar was built in 1981, about a decade into Sergei’s career. The instrument bears homage to the early classical guitars of Jean Larrivée, Sergei’s early teacher and mentor, but already shows deep development of his own design and style. It’s a traditionally braced guitar and features tasteful appointments and skilfully executed woodwork. Mitred purflings frame the back and sides, and the soundhole is framed by de Jonge’s famous hand-made Yin and Yang mosaic rosette. The headstock has a gracefully strong outline and large aperture string routes – a de Jonge hallmark.

The guitar is in excellent condition and shows very little wear. It was purchased new by the family of its most recent owner and has been well cared for through the years. There are no cracks or repairs to speak of.

Spruce and Indian rosewood body, mahogany neck with rosewood front and rear headstock overlays. Rosewood body bindings and maple purflings; lacquer finish.

54mm nut width, 664mm scale. Action of 3 to 4 mm measured at the 12th fret with no further lowering possible at the saddle. Excellent tone, balanced strings and good note strength up the neck. Clear and focused.

With original hardshell case.

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