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c.1929 Oriole Tenor Banjo

A Gibson-built tenor banjo made in the late 1920's that has survived the years gloriously. Gibson built off-branded instruments for catalogue stores, distributors and wholesalers from the late 20's into the early 40's, and the Oriole brand was among the first of these. Built as an affordable tenor banjo, this Oriole features an 11" rim, and a warm and percussive voice. Its playability and action are perfect, and the instrument has been tastefully upgraded to make for a high-quality affordable vintage instrument with all kinds of curb-appeal.

Original 11/16" thick maple rim with rolled brass tone ring, 22 brackets, and single coordinator rod. Mahogany neck with bound ebonizned maple fingerboard, pearl dot inlays, and silk screened headstock. Original finish throughout, original frets in excellent condition, original nut, and completely original hardware. New Elite Renaissance head, recent No-Knot tailpiece, new armrest, new perfectly fit bridge, and replacement Gotoh planetary tuners. There is a rim-crack that's about 10 brackets long on the back of the instrument. 23" scale, 1-3/16" nut.

With rope strap, original chip board case and new gig bag

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