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OME Otis Taylor

The Otis Taylor openback model is sister to the popular Juniper 12" oldtime by OME. Like the Juniper, the Otis features a three-ply maple rim with rolled brass tone ring, double coordinator rods, 26 brackets and nickel hardware. The mahogany neck measures 1-1/4" at the nut and features a 26-1/4" scale and unradiused ebony fingerboard with oro diamond inlays. The instrument is finished off with a Sweetone tailpiece, Renaissance head, and wooden armrest.

With its 12" head diameter, brass tone ring, and double-rod construction, the Otis Taylor model is an openback banjo that offers a strong, clear fundamental that's not overpowered by overtones. It's a clean and warm sounding instrument, and an amazingly versatile one.

With its understated and simple appointments, gorgeous hand-rubbed oil varnish finish and incredible tone, the Otis Taylor is among our favourite OME models.

With deluxe hardshell case

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