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OME Omega Custom

We discovered this incredible one-of-a-kind banjo at OME's NAMM show booth earlier in the year. It was the centerpiece of their display (for obvious reasons), and we fell in love with it at first glance. That love was reaffirmed and ultimately solidified at first pluck. An amazing instrument, this 5 string transcends the lines that separate Scruggs style two-finger and clawhammer frailing styles. It's a banjo that sounds good regardless of what your right hand is doing - and is as unique as it is exceptional.

In true OME form, the Omega's esthetic eschews its tonal inspirations. The instrument features headstock and fingerboard inlays that harken the turn-of-the century work of Vega's Consalvi, its hardware is gently antiqued, and it's built with some of the most dizzyingly figured maple imaginable - all beautifully highlighted by a vintage sunburst gloss lacquer finish. Under the hood you'll find OME's Megatone sandcast bell-bronze flat head tone ring seated perfectly on an air-dried three-ply maple rim; and an 11" Remo Renaissance head is held in place by the company's own "F-hole" die-cast zinc one-piece flange and notched tension hoop. The gorgeously engraved Sweetone tailpiece adds the finishing touches to the Omega's tone and looks.

Clearly, the Omega was designed to appeal to a progressive picker who wants something most bluegrass banjos can't do. Where other banjos cut, the Omega glides smoothly, which will surely appeal to solo instrumentalists and less-traditionally minded 'Newgrass' style players. It's a particularly warmly voiced 5 string, thanks in large part to the renaissance head and Sweetone tailpeice, but it maintains all the clarity and definition most players want in a resonator banjo.

We hope you've surmised from the above text that we think this banjo is something more than a little bit special.

With hardshell case

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