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1910 Vega Fairbanks Regent

Serial # 26996. The Vega Fairbanks Regent features a 10-3/4" spun-over rim with 28 brackets and a Little Wonder style tone ring along with a 5 string 26" scale Whyte Laydie neck. The instrument is nearly completely original, including a full set of original brackets and ball-end nuts, no knot tailpiece, and neck attachment hardware. The 5th string tuner has been replaced appropriately, and the 4 headstock tuners appear to be original. Original nut, frets, inlays and engravings.

The 10-3/4" rim, 26" scale versions of this and other Vega built Fairbanks banjos tend to be preferred by the players we surround ourselves with around here; and this is a no-excuses example. The headstock is beautiful, with no cracks in the pearwood overlay and intact inlays; ebony fingerboard is straight with frets that are in excellent working order, finish is original throughout, and the banjo is set-up very nicely with Aquilla nylgut strings and a calf skin head. 1-1/4" nut width.

Beautiful tone, with clarity and warmth.

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