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New/Old Stock 1965 Fender Champ Amp

Serial# A 01847. This as-new 1965 Fender Champ is about as clean as they come. Having lived in a local basement or crawlspace in its original box for the last 48 years, this Champ is out of its original box and ready to rock it in the 21st century. First produced in 1948, the Champ has been a favorite of beginners and pros alike for over 60 years. It's perfect for practicing at low volumes, but has a nice amount of clean breakup when pushed.

Separate volume, treble and bass controls, dual inputs, front mounted on/off switch, 12AX7, 6V6GT and 5Y3GT tubes, 8" speaker and unmodified two prong power cord. No changes, repairs, modifications. The rear panel and chassis screws have never even been turned!

With original box.

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