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c.1965 Leslie Speaker Cabinet

This mid-60's rotating tremolo unit was manufactured by Leslie Electronics for Thomas Organs, and has been professionally restored to excellent working order. It's essentially a 'plug-n-play' effect, ideal for stage or studio use. It's pretty much the same unit as Fender's Vibratone, which was built in the late 1960's and made forever famous by Stevie Ray Vaughn two decades later.

The cabinet features a rotating baffle positioned in front of a stationary 8" Jensen ceramic speaker. It produces that classic "No Quarter" organ tone everyone loves but can't properly re-create through digital effects, while the slower speed evokes Stevie Ray's "Cold Shot." The custom-built foot switch has stop/low/high speeds and speaker selector switch. The two-speed electric motor is re-wound; the pulleys, tensions, connectors and belts are all new; the electrical circuitry has been hand-wired to bring it up to present-day code. This is a must hear, hard-to-find, rotating tremolo speaker.

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