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Headstrong Lil King Reverb AlNiCo

The Headstrong Lil’King Reverb is hand-wired modern version of Fender’s blackface era Princeton Reverb. We’ve been offering these amps here at Folkway for the better part of a decade, so every now and then we find ourselves with a used one to offer.

This example is in dead-mint condition and was purchased new at Folkway about 3 years back. It’s equipped with a 12” Weber 12A125 Alnico speaker and dressed in brown and wheat duds, with an early blackface style faceplate.

With its heavenly reverb and tremolo, thick and lush low/mid power and all the goodness of that amazing Weber speaker, this is one heck of a good sounding amplifier. Bonus that it’s in as-new condition.

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