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1960 Fender Tremolux

Brought to Folkway by its original owner, along with the 1959 Stratocaster we've listed this week, this Narrow Panel Tweed Tremolux is a very exciting addition to the store! Complete with its original Fender shipping box (how often does that happen?!) this Tweed 1x12 Tremolux is an amazing find.

Apart from professional servicing and the minor changes that entails, this amp is original and intact. Its tube chart dates JA (January 1960), and all the various dated parts are from the same period. Original Jensen speaker is a P12Q dated first week of 1960, original transformers, pots, controls, tweed and grill. Replaced handle, tubes, power cord, filter caps and a few resistors. Ground circuit rendered safe during service as well. Original footswitch is in excellent working order as well. Labelled a 5E9a on the tube chart, the amp is in reality a 5G9 -- the 5U4GB rectifier higher power, fixed bias version of the Tremolux -- but Fender was too thrifty to print new tube charts, they simply used the old tube charts that were available.

The Tremolux tremolo is the stuff of legend, and the 18 or so watt, 1x12 speaker, and large cabinet set up add up to create some of the most absurdly wonderful tone we've ever plugged in to.

With original shipping box.

Shipping into the USA?

Sending this amp to a US address is easy to do, and there are no import fees, taxes, or duties to pay when it arrives. We take care of everything involved in shipping -- all you have to do unpackage the instrument when it arrives and play!

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