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1959 Fender Harvard

Tube chart code IA, pots dated late 1958. The Fender Harvard Amp was introduced in 1955 and filled the gap between the 5 watt Princeton, and the 15 watt Deluxe. The Harvard was Fender's least expensive professional-level amp, and featured paired 6V6 power tubes, a 10" speaker, and about 10 watts. Volume and tone controls, narrow-panel tweed cabinet, Fender Harvard nameplate.

The amp sounds heavenly. It's the perfect size and output for studio and practice use, and breaks up evenly and predictably with a turn of controls. Newer handle, otherwise original on the outside. Recently serviced, the amp has a replaced output transformer, new Jensen P10Q AlNiCo speaker, electrolytic and coupling caps, and long 10' AC cord. The Fender Harvard is a rare amp, and it's a real treat to play one that sounds as spot-on as this example.

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