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1957 Fender Deluxe

Tube chart code GL, pots dated, capacitors, and speaker dated 1957. To many, the 5E3 Narrow-panel Fender Deluxe is the ultimate amplifier. With about 15 watts, a single 12' Jensen P12R AlNiCo speaker, paired 6V6 power tubes, and two preamp tubes, the creamy overdriven tone of this model set a tonal standard for years to come. Neil Young, John Fogerty, Mike Campbell and countless others have made their mark on rock history plugged into a tweed Deluxe.

This 1957 example is in very find condition. Original tweed, grille and handle, original Jensen speaker, and completely original circuitry. A changed output transformer, a modern AC cord, and newer tubes are the amp's only modifications, and it sounds truly spectacular.

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