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2011 Swart AST PRO w/Celestion G12H30 & NightLight Attenuator

Swart’s Atomic Space Tone (AST) amps are widely revered as some the most expressive amplifiers on the market, offering players amazing touch-sensitivity and three-dimensionality, tube driven tremolo and reverb, and 20 watts of 6V6 high class A biased AB power. The AST Pro combines the popular AST amplifier in a slightly larger/deeper cabinet to allow the use of larger speakers, and offers a recessed chassis for better protection of the control knobs and switches and an easy access external speaker jack.

This example was built with a Celestion G12H-30. It’s in perfect condition and appears nearly new. It’s obviously been well cared for.

Included with the amp is a Swart Night Light Attenuator, which is one of the few Attenuators we’ve encountered that does what you want it to do without sucking all the tone out of your rig. It’s rare to find a pre-owned Swart in our corner of the world, and this one is perfect.

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