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1984 Mesa Boogie Mark II C+

Widely considered to be the pinnacle of Mesa/Boogie evolution, the 1984 Mark II C+ featured a revised lead circuit that offers some seriously creamy, bright, and high gain overdrive. The clean side sounds incredible too, though, so most anyone would find a whole lot of good reason to fall in love with the sound of this amp. Santana, Prince, and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett all made the Mk IIC+ their sound, among so many others. In the early and mid 1980’s, the Mesa Mark II series were THE amps to have.

This example appears to be completely original. It has the distinctive Mark IIC+ features of the + sign over the AC cord inlet, and the ‘Pull Deep’ lead volume label, and it checks out right using the effects loop test, too. The Speaker is the original MS-12 Eminence-made 12” 150 watt unit with standard Black Shadow labeling.

The amplifier works perfectly and sounds lush, tight, creamy, and pretty - much like rock heaven. It has reverb, if you want to use it, and it works just fine as well. Original foot switch is included, too.

It’s far too heavy to ship, so please come on over to give it a go if you’d like.

With slipcover

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