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1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

The ‘Blackface’ era Fender Princeton Reverb is among the most sought-after low power amps in the vintage market. With its small-gig / practice hall power, the amp offers up its best at volumes that are easy to work with in smaller and quieter rooms. But with its 10” speaker, gorgeous spring reverb and trem, and about 12 or so watt output, the Princeton Reverb is anything but small, and straddles that impossible line between big and little amplifiers.

This late Blackface Princeton Reverb is built with Fender’s AA764 Circuit and GZ34 rectifier. It has a 1971 Fender factory replacement power transformer, a modern Jensen ceramic speaker, and a compliment of high-end NOS tubes. It’s otherwise original and in excellent condition, complete with original AC cord. It’s a great sounding amp, with its classic blackface-era slight scoop in the mids, quick responsiveness, and warm low end. Trem and verb work beautifully, making this one seriously fun amp to play. Cosmetic condition is excellent as well, with no tears in the cloth, clean Tolex, functional handle, and a full set of original knobs. Pots sound quiet and clean, and although the filter cap is dated 1981, the amp is quite quiet.

The original footswitch is included, as is a modern amp cover.

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