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1965 Fender Deluxe

Model #AB763, serial # A03414, Production code 0F, in black ink; output transformer and choke date early 1965, power transformer dates mid 1966. Pots, caps dated mid 1964, original speaker dated mid 1964.

Here's a knock-out sounding blackface Deluxe; with an upgraded Jensen C12R from '64, some nice servicing, and to-die-for tone. About 20 watts of power, 6V6 tubes, vibrato, and a 12" speaker. The pedal is gone, but the Vibrato works with the jack jumpered.

It's had its filter caps, AC cord, and a couple of pots replaced. Orignial parts and original speaker are included with the amp. Cosmetically good, with two small tears in the grill cloth, and tolex that's in good shape.

Some of the best small-gig country/blues/rock tone you're going to find.

With cover

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