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1961 Supro 1688TN

The forbearer of Supro’s legendary Thunderbolt, the 1688TN shares a lot of tonal similarity with its famous next-of-kin. The Thunderbolt is a simplified version of the 1688TN, without the tremolo this amp offers, and with a single 15” speaker in place of the 1688’s 2x12 set-up. Beyond that the two amps are quite closely related, and 5 minutes with this 1688TN will make anyone a believer. An unbelievably fun amp to play, it’s hard not to pull out every Jimi or Jimmy lick you’ve got in your arsenal when plugged into this thing. Both of those guys used Supros.

This amp has just been serviced and is in perfect working order. It’s almost entirely original, with original transformers and Jensen 12” Alnico speakers. Original cloth, covering and handle are all intact but show they are well used.

35 watts, 6L6 tubes, tremolo, and inputs for bass, guitar, and accordion.

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