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1960 Fender Princeton

Fender’s tweed 5F2A Princeton is, for many players, the ultimate low wattage amp. In designing this model, Fender essentially combined a larger Harvard-size cabinet with the Champ’s 5F1 circuitry and 8” speaker. They made some very minor modifications to allow the inclusion of a tone control, and added some better filtering early in the signal to allow for the lows to come out cleaner, too. The result is a bigger-sounding Champ with a slightly brighter tone, more clean headroom, and the sensation of more volume to the player. These are incredible low-power amps, and offer the best tweed-Fender tone at truly usable volumes.

This example is completely factory original, complete with 2-prong AC cable and original filter-caps. The amp works perfectly and doesn’t have much hum, so we’ve left it factory fresh for the buyer to modernize should they so choose. We always do recommend adding a grounded AC cord and modifying the fuse wiring to meet current electrical code.

Original tweed, grille, handle, speaker, and transformers. Parts all date late 1959, and the chassis is dated January 1960. The RCA rectifier tube even dates 1959...

This Fender Princeton is in incredibly clean cosmetic condition, and is completely original. If you’re on the hunt for the nicest narrow panel 5F2A Princeton around, you’ve quite likely just found it.

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