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1960 Fender Princeton

Serial # P04783. Tube chart, chassis, and speaker dated June 1960; capacitors all dated late 1959-early 1960. 5F2-A Circuit.

Brought to Folkway by the original owner, this large-box Princeton is 100% factory stock, and in perfect working order. The amp has been well cared for throughout its life, and has been used, albeit not terribly frequently, by its one owner for some 55 years now. It's in exceptional condition, with not much wear to its lacquered tweed, grill or original handle.

The 5F2-A Princeton is a 4-1/2 watt single-ended Class A amp with an 8" AlNiCo speaker. It's similar to the 8" Champs, but with the addition of a tone control and a larger enclosure -- but its amazing how much bigness that larger box adds to the tone of the amplifier.

It's a rare treat to have such an original and fine Princeton to offer.

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