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1960 Fender Champ Amp

One of the cleanest Fender Champs we've ever offered, this particular amp was brought to Folkway by its original owner, along with the matching steel. She never did take to playing lap steel as a child, and the pair sat unused since 1963. 51 years later we plugged in the amp and discovered that it sounds every bit as good as it ought to!

This Champ amp is completely original but for the fuse holder. We've found a 70's part that does the trick for the moment - and have ordered a NOS replacement that should be arriving any day; we'll be putting it on the amp when it gets here. The amp has never been serviced or modified. The handle is original and in perfect condition, too. It's a very strong amp with excellent headroom, and all the tone you'd hope a 5F1 Champ would offer. Minor staining on the tweed around the base of the amp's cabinet is the only flaw we can note. It's a great one.

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