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1959 Supro 1615T

Supro’s Model 1615T was designed as an accordion amplifier, and built for just a few years in the late 1950’s. Sporting a 15” speaker, a pair of 6L6 power tubes and lush tremolo, the accordion folks are going to have to step aside for us guitar players to have some fun here. This is a great sounding amp that offers 15 -20 watts through two channels and foot-switchable tremolo. Being a mid-power amp with a 15” speaker the obvious comparison is a Fender Tweed Pro, and there is some similarity going on here. But the Supro is all Valco, with the mid-range sweetness and compression that defines these Chicago-built amps.

This example has had its grill cloth replaced and its original Jensen speaker swapped out for a Utah 15” Alnico. It’s been serviced and works well. Original transformers, tolex, and handle.

A screaming blues amp, or morph it into a sweet and melodic tremolo country amp.

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