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1959 Silvertone 1433

Built between 1959 and 1961 the Silvertone 1433 was the brand’s most expensive single-speaker amplifier. With a big 15” Alnico speaker, 15 watts, paired 6L6 power tubes, tremolo, and two channels, this amp would certainly keep up with a tweed deluxe or the like.

It’s an incredible sounding amplifier, with all kinds of dimension in the bass end, heavenly trem, and a real creamy breakup. It’s very dynamic and touch-sensitive too, and has a lot to offer to a single-coil player. DeArmonds and P-90s push the front end beautifully, and lower output Fender pickups allow for more clean headroom and pedal-friendliness.

The amp has been serviced, new grounded AC cord added, and fuse wiring modified for safety.

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