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1957 Fender Champ Amp

Model 5F1. Serial L-04700, Date code GF (June, 1957), pot code 3rd week of 1957, Caps dated early 1957, tubes dated mid-1957, Jensen speaker undated.

A creamy sounding 1957 Champ amplifier. Original transformers, 8" Jensen speaker, 6V6 and 5Y3 tubes. Recently serviced, with newer 12AX7 pre-amp tube, AC cord, filter caps, fuse holder and safer fuse wiring. The new caps were wrapped with Astron paper cap covers, so they look right and will fool anyone further than 6 inches away!

Original grill and tweed covering are moderately worn and look great. Original handle is intact and fully functional. Great small-amp tone.

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