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c.1938 Gibson EH-150

The rounded-corner, 12" speaker version of the EH-150, built between 1937 and 1941 is the amplifier most commonly associated with Electric Jazz guitar father, Charlie Christian. Christian made use of the EH-150 in both big band and nightclub settings, and the influence of this legendary amplifier's tone on the evolving sound of Jazz and Bebop cannot be understated.

This particular example is easily the finest we've ever come across. It's pretty much drop-dead gorgeous, and as mint-condition as you'd want an amp to be. Some service has been done to it, and the work is top-notch. New rectifier tube and AC cord, minor circuit repairs under the hood. The tweed is nearly perfect, as are the handle, grill, leather corners, and canvas cover.

The amplifier sounds exactly the way you want it to, and is surprisingly loud. Used on the Microphone channel, the amp overdrives with a creamy warmth that's unlike anything else on earth.

With original cloth cover

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